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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

home safe from the epic roadtrip

Last night was pretty miserable.  There was a storm, and when we got back to our tent, it was wet inside because we didn't put up the rainfly.  So Ming dried it out as best he could and put up the rainfly.  There was thunder and lightning.  Then a powerful wind started to blow in terrible gusts.  The tent was moving all around like a violent living thing, and it was impossible to sleep.  Also we were afraid a tree would fall, killing us.  So while it was still barely daylight we took down the tent and moved into the truck.  We tried to sleep in our seats.  I was awake more than half the night.  The storm passed and the moon was nearly full.  I went outside and moon gazed for a while.

Now we're home!  I feel kind of overwhelmed by home, like we don't have fruit or veggies, and I had to make a bunch of phonecalls, and my to do list is huge.  All I want to do is hide.  Maybe I should do that.


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