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Saturday, August 17, 2013

waylaid by a tire

We are outside a tire place in Le Grande, Oregon waiting for the workers to put on a new tire for $139. Does that seem right to you?  We are familiar with used tires put on at the little tire shop that's very near home.  I think they are around $40.  So this is a big difference, but we have to worry about them all the time, the used ones.  So maybe it's good to get a new one for a change?

This morning in Spokane we went to Riverfront Park where there was a world's fair in 1964.  We saw the beautiful beautiful falls in the early morning sun and took some pictures.  I hope to have some time to upload pics soon.

We also peeked at the carousel.  Ming explained to me about grabbing a brass ring to throw at a target while the carousel spins--I had no idea.  I missed that, my first 36 years.  

We saw some statues of runners made of rusted metal.  We saw an amazing fountain--it's maybe the best fountain I ever saw.  Again, in the early morning light, it was perfect.


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