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Monday, August 19, 2013

Idaho Botanical Garden, balsamic vinegar on ice cream, too many bacon wallets

Yesterday we did all the things I said I was going to do last post.  We liked the Idaho Botanical Garden a lot.  It was good to see the different kinds of plants, and the Lewis and Clark garden was interesting--I liked the signage.  And we got to see some beautiful stonecrops and veggies like gorgeous huge pumpkins and glorious sunflowers and white eggplants and lots of tomatoes.  We ate a couple cherry tomatoes, grapes, and Ming and I shared a delicious rosehip.  I saw the biggest rosebushes I had ever seen, some Idaho native roses.

It was fun to go to Mountain Home to see D's parents.  We sat in their living room just taking.  We ate cookies and cake and drank water.  Then D's dad showed us some of his paintings, and we looked at the garden.  We saw squash bugs, which I had never seen before.  I think I did a pretty good job being social, though I could have asked questions more.

And laundry was okay.  It was interesting to see the different people in the laundromat--other than Ming, they were all white.  It was fast.  In the past laundromats have been sad places for me, but lately they are fine.

Last night we ate pesto pasta and a good potato salad and bread and then some vanilla ice cream with warmed fig jam and balsamic vinegar.  I had heard of doing this but never tasted the result.  It was okay, good to try but just for something different.  I mean the balsamic vinegar.  D's girlfriend is easy to be around, and so is D, so this has been a great stop on our trip.

Then we went to bed early.  A theme of this trip is me getting very tired.  I guess I have less energy than most people.  But it's also true that heat exhausts me, and being social does too, and we've had a lot of meeting people and spending hours socializing when usually that's a rarity.  And of course seeing sights involves lots of walking.  Yesterday after the garden we went downtown and walked around for an hour and looked at the stuff in this record store.  I have seen bacon wallets so many places!


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