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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

four bin compost system and some tomatoes

This morning we were woken up by someone whistling.  It wasn't a tune--it was more of the way you'd whistle to a dog?  But over and over again, with no apparent response or change.  It was weird and annoying at about 6:20.

Then we went to the community garden and pulled some weeds, watered, turned compost.  I took some pictures for you.


Bin 1.

Bin 2!


Bin 3.

Bin 4 with our favorite gardener.  Ming moved stuff from bin 1 to bin 2.  I moved stuff from bin 3 to the screen on top of bin 4.  I got grossed out by all the worms.  Lots of creatures! 

At home we have a lot of cherry tomatoes.  We planted one way back in April, and it's produced far more than all the others combined.  So here's a pic Ming took of some tomatoes he picked the other day.


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