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Friday, October 25, 2013

Kevin Johnson and Ghost Mice

This afternoon I was walking to the women's center and saw something on the sidewalk that looked like a hospital bracelet.  I didn't pay it no mind.  Then I was walking home and thought, "I should see what it says."  So I read it, and it said Kevin Johnson.  He's a local celebrity.  He's the mayor.  And he's known for doing work in my neighborhood. 

But it said Kevin Michael Johnson, so I thought I'd come home and look up the mayor's middle name, but it's Maurice.  So that's the end of that strange story.

In other news, the Ghost Mice stickers I ordered came today!  But I thought my address was wrong, so I'm confused.  I thought I fixed it after they would have sent it.  So how that got here is a mystery.  I ordered two and they sent five.  Isn't that just something Plan-it-x would do?  They're awesome.



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