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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

serving the hungry, sweet potato for breakfast, rabbit fur jelly beans

This morning we were awake at 5:40 to go to Catholic Worker and do the prayer and serve the hungry.  It was fun.  From the smell when we walked in, I thought it was chili, but no, it was rice soup.  But it had chorizo in it and smelled good.

Ming and I served soup at the empty lot where we serve.  Usually we like to do bread, and Saturday we did sugar and creamer, but today we served the main dish.  It got thicker and thicker as the half-hour progressed.  The guests were in good moods, and we got a lot of thank yous but no sweeties or honeys.

There's this really good tea, holiday chai, in the cabinet of the house we're staying in.  I like drinking it in the mornings when I remember.  Then later in the day or in addition to the chai there's this hibiscus tea that's good too, but in a fruity way.

I can't believe how long we've been away from home.  I'm worried important mail is coming and we're not there for it.  But I think about mail a lot.

Today is hospitality day at the Catholic Worker and we'll go for lunch.  Our friend M said he might make us some veggie enchiladas--the main dish is chicken ones.

We shared a large sweet potato for breakfast, which was good, filling.  Maybe we should have sweet potatoes for breakfast every day.

This morning I had an elaborate dream about being pressured into transporting drugs.  They were in a shrink wrapped boot box.  I was supposed to say they were a gift.  Then the cops came and busted us.  I thought that would ruin my SSI case and was upset.  In some ways the dream was realistic and in other ways not.

I also dreamed about jelly beans with the flavors of rabbit fur and basil & lavender.  I was asking Ming why he picked those flavors--the package had just those two flavors--and I was like who wants to eat something that tastes like rabbit fur?


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