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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

nostalgia factor

Hello there.  I am up in the night sleepless because of the heat.  I'm tired of trying to arrange my limbs just perfectly for minimal contact and tired of all the sweat.

So I'm drinking cold brew mint tea and thought I'd tell you about the international market.

We had a weird morning.  We served but then we skipped hospitality day.  I am burnt out and needed a break.  It was our first time skipping hospitality day the whole time we've lived here.

Then in the afternoon Ming suggested we go out to the international market.  We had the address from a bag.  Our former houseguest had gone there and left us a bag.

So we went.  The place was about ten times bigger than I expected.  It was huge with all different cultures' foods.  I was drawn to some rosehip marmalade.  Instead I bought some candy from England and some steamed pudding from England.  The candy has a nostalgia factor, and the pudding just interested me.

My dad is from England, and his relatives would send us candy in the mail.  So I ate this special candy from a young age, and it's very good tasting for me.

There were Korean foods, Japanese foods.  I saw some ingredients that would really please true foodies.  It was fun but sort of overwhelming.

So send me good wishes that I will get unburnt out soon.  Thank you.


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