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Sunday, September 13, 2015

big cook, Burning Man, prepper dreams, lemons

This morning we woke up early to start the beans.  It's a big cook.  We're doing it twice a month now instead of once a month.  Our friend King R came over to chop veggies on Friday.  We'll feed about 30 people beans, rice, and potatoes--it's for Food Not Bombs.  I don't think I'll even go, today--JR will go in my stead, with Ming.

Yesterday I got good mail including a letter my friend K wrote me while she was at Burning Man.  I felt special.

I dreamt fitfully about prepping the first half of the night, trying to figure out who would shoot us and who wouldn't.  In the morning I dreamt Ming gave me a lot of lemons and I was so happy.

I've been feeling negative and low energy and bad.  But last night I made a call I was very nervous about to try to help a friend.  The person I called was receptive to my request, and I'm glad.  Good might come of it.


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