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Saturday, September 12, 2015

my first and possibly last prepper meeting

Long ago I read a book by Sharon Astyk about making our homes good places for us, gardening, canning, caring for one another.  It was kind of a prepper book, but with no guns.

We used to have a neighbor D who was into prepping and had a gun, but he said we were his family and cared for us.  Then his girlfriend died and he moved away.  That was in Sacramento.

Anyway, we went to a prepper meeting this morning, and it was all white people except us.  Two guys said they were against Muslims.  They talked about guns a lot.  They talked about food a little bit, and amateur radio, and fire starting.

Overall I didn't want to be there, and as some peace loving interfaith vegetarian organizers, we simply did not belong.


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