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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

the stranger

This morning someone unknown was in our courtyard.  I asked him what was going on.  He was an oldtime NDE person who is now homeless and had just walked miles from the hospital he was discharged from.  Our friend J came over and helped him.  But then the hospital wouldn't readmit him, and he walked back here.  By then I was sleeping.

Too much excitement.  In the morning I made him breakfast and brought him coffee.  In the afternoon I don't know what happened.

We had community dinner tonight.  I hugged people goodbye because we're going on a trip.  Our friend B made pesto.  It was the best pesto I had ever tasted, so fresh and real.

I'm so tired.  I ate the last of the ice cream--there was just a little at the bottom of the carton.  I need to head back to bed because we leave tomorrow morning at 4:30.


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