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Monday, December 21, 2015

lovely dream magical bookstore ambiance

The sidewalk connecting houses in our compound and leading from the parking space into the courtyard is uneven.  So this handyperson is fixing it, and it's loud and involves drilling through concrete.  So I'm listening to that right now.

I had some nice tea and noodles for breakfast.  Today we wrap presents at the Catholic Worker, I have skype book club (which I didn't read for), Ming meets with P who will help him label old photos, and there's library yoga Ming might go to.  But now there's "aura reading" along with the yoga--wtf.

I've been dreaming of magical bookstores, and sometimes they're kind of evil, but I wake up thinking, "That would make a great movie!" only I don't like movies.  But the ambiance is so lovely.


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