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Friday, April 22, 2016

Who wants to be a billionaire ?

Guest Blogger here today.

We had a very full trip visiting and visiting with friends and family in Sacramento and the Bay Area. We are now down again south today. This morning we had a walk around Waller Park. We then visited a Costco while our hero watched parking lot birds. We then bought nostalgic mall cookies and then saw the new unnostalgic public Library.

Lunch was at the Guadalupe Catholic Worker. Their new location was much bigger than it would seem from the outside appearance of the nondescript house. We had quesadillas while they had pizole. They being the three main Guadalupe Catholic Workers, two Dominican monks in training and a Spanish only speaking woman named Inez.

We then we went searching for strawberries and a few dinner items. In between we went to a bookstore with a boring bookstore name. Otherwise the bookstore was a good bookstore.


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