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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

for you

Our garden is starting to look good.  The tomato plants are growing up.  The sunflowers are too.  There are carrots coming up.  But I was surprised the romanescos came up, for some reason.  I hope we get some beautiful romanescos from them.

Yesterday afternoon Ming took someone to the doctor for a procedure and it was time-consuming.  Then was community dinner.  I slept and woke up right before community dinner, out of it.  I'm afraid I seemed crazier than usual.

Tomorrow we go on a journey to California.  I'm excited about it--excited to see friends old and new.  Excited to see family.  We're going to meet some people in Morro Bay who are friends with our good friends.  They invited us over to dinner.  Supper, actually, which I think is the same thing?

Last night my cough turned off and I got to sleep through the night, which was nice.  This morning I had tea and instant oatmeal--the instant oatmeal left over from an event.  Ming is out serving the hungry and will be home soon.

Here's a romanesco pic for you!


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