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Thursday, April 14, 2016

neutral deed

Guess where I am?  Santa Paula, a Starbux, drinking water while Ming sleeps in the car.  It's been an easy day so far, an easy drive.  We didn't leave Las Vegas until 5:15 am, which is late, for us.  Ming didn't wake me up until 4:15, and I said, "No! no!"  I was fighting it.

There's a guy outside with a ton of luggage and a guitar in its case.  He's talking to a young lady.  He seems like a con artist of some kind.  I think I'm skeptical of people.  Yet I can be open-hearted too.

Some young workers have sample cups and are talking to the con artist outside now.  They look incredulous.  I don't think his scam is working.  But they are smiling a little.  Maybe they'll walk away soon.

Oh, we went to McDonalds so Ming could get a soda--he ended up getting some hash browns too.  There was a monopoly game, and there were game pieces we pulled.  We won multiple things--a McGriddle. a small fry, and a quarter pounder.

Ming redeemed his McGriddle coupon.  He got it without sausage, of course.  He gave me a bite.  It was weird.  I told him how there's a fanzine about McGriddles.  Then I told him the whole story of my friendship with the guy who made the McGriddle zine as we drove away.

We gave the quarter pounder coupon to someone canning outside.  He seemed grateful, but it's McDonald's food, really.  "Did we do a good deed?" Ming wanted to know.

"We did a neutral deed.  We did a deed," I said.


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