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Monday, April 18, 2016


I feel like lots of people are against the war, against the bomb, against drone warfare, but for some reason not many people do the things we do.  Why is that?  People feel like they can't make a difference so choose not to think about it?

We are again at Kreuzberg in San Louis. I have a decaf iced extra chocolate mocha--how divine.  Ming has a redeye, his new favorite drink.  They're playing Billie Holiday.  Ming was tempted by the sweets grab bag, yesterday's pastries.  He's also tempted by a deep fried artichoke.  He probably won't get either.

We are headed north.  Yesterday we saw my aunt in Nipomo.  I killed a cucumber bug for her.  We got some oranges from her tree.

"Don't Explain" is playing for a second time.

Then in the evening we went to Morro Bay to the home of our good friends' good friends.  They are Catholic Workers and very nice.  They made us a dinner from dumpster dived foods.  Then we had tea.  Then we went for a walk at the embarcadero.  The sun set.  We saw sea otters in the water, some with big babies.  We saw boats.  We smelled sea smells.  It was heavenly.

Then Ming drove us home in the dark.  We usually don't drive at night.  I was worried the dog would bite us when we came home.  But my parents were up still, thank gosh.


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