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Monday, May 02, 2016

food news, sadness

Bought some groceries, including organic potatoes, and made some vegan mushroom gravy to eat on the potatoes--so, so good.  Just what I wanted.

Ming's cooking up artichokes--I told him he would have to do it because I don't know how to make artichokes.  We thought he cooked them long enough, but the leaves or petals or whatever wouldn't come off easily, so he's cooking them longer.

I bought this German book about some heroes--I thought it was a slightly different edition of a book I knew, but it turns out the books are same dimensions, same color, very similar pic on the front, but two different books.  Weird.

I bought what I thought was the duplicate to give a friend for her reading pleasure, but now it wouldn't make sense.

Today I feel a sadness that vegan mushroom gravy can't cure.  Music can't either.  Some clouds outside look like Simpsons clouds, though.  That's kinda cool.


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