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Friday, June 17, 2016


Yesterday we went to our storage unit to pick up a few things.  I wanted a particular book, but I didn't find it.  But I found its manuscript, which I read five years ago--it's my best friend's book.  I couldn't bear to recycle the manuscript.

I also found some flashcards--some Spanish vocab and some English vocab too--I think I took a list of common GED words and put them on flashcards.  They're hard words and won't stick in my head very well.  I get the sad feeling that I've learned all the words in English that I'm going to learn.

But if I look at the derivations, it helps me remember them.

I asked my best friend, who is studying Spanish too, how she learns verbs.  I'm at a loss.  She gave me some really good ideas.

I also found this book called English Grammar for Students of Spanish.  It's the kind of book I don't want to actually read--I just want its contents magically in my head.  It was in storage too, in a box.


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