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Saturday, June 18, 2016


This morning my friend J gave me a beautiful handmade apron.  Someone had given it to her, but I guess it was too girly.  She and Ming put it on me, and I felt honored and loved.

Last night I wore an apron my mom made me as I cooked up enchiladas with Ming's help.  They were pretty good but not as good as Mom's.

Ming's got a procedure Monday morning and can only have clear fluids tomorrow.  We're going to a big grocery store today to look for clear fluids.

Dragon software came in the mail yesterday.  I tried it out.  It works okay.  I gotta figure out some logistics of how to listen to the interviews and speak the words with punctuation and line breaks into the mic.

Yesterday Ming hiked.  He got holes in the soles of his cheap ass shoes.  So we went to Big 5 and got him some expensiver shoes.


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