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Thursday, January 12, 2017

report on our last day in Sedona

This morning we went to the stupa.  For a while we had the place to ourselves.  We spun the spinny thing and walked three times around the stupa with prayers.  Signed the guestbook.  Sat a while.  And I took all those pictures.

Then we went to a tea shop.  I had lemon basil oolong.  Ming had a rolled up one.  It's in little spheres, but they open in the hot water.

Then we went to a bead store that was more of a jewelry store.  It was high end.

Then we went to a bookstore that was more of a gift store.  There were large $7 trilobites.  But Ming didn't get one.  He may be maxed out.

Then we went to the library to pee.  Outside there were boxes and boxes of free books.  I chose a few.  One is a biography of Che Guevara that looks amazing.  But can I get myself to read much?  We'll see.

Then we had Indian food that was really good.  Loved it.

Then we decided to go to the Grand Canyon, a two hour drive away.  We went up this long road that runs by Oak Creek, and it was very pretty.  We got closer and closer to the Grand Canyon and it started to sprinkle.  I was like, "Let's see when this turns to snow."  Within a minute or two, it was snowing a little.  Then a lot.  Then the roads were icy, and we saw a car by the side of the road that had spun out of control.

We decided to turn around.  We were within five miles of the park entrance, but it was like a blizzard.  It wasn't worth risking our safety.  Turning around was scary, but Ming did it.

Then we drove home, stopping at a Safeway in Williams.  We went by the pretty creek again.  Ming was talkative, and we had fun.


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