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Sunday, March 12, 2017


Gmorning, friends.  Yesterday I was very social.  I served the hungry in the morning.  It was pancake day--I did syrup.  Then we had Saturday morning meeting.

Then we got ready to go to the Goddess Temple.  Ming picked up SJ.  R joined us.  We had a Sacred Peace Walk meeting in the car as Ming drove.

Then at the Goddess Temple the Basque guy was already there.  Everyone did work but me.  I sang in the temple.  I also prayed and meditated.  I wrote in the prayer book.

Then we went to the guest house for cake and tea served to us by C.  I have a hard time turning down what's served to me.  It was lemon cake.  I especially liked the frosting.

On the drive home we talked a little.  Then I played a cd for three songs.  Sylvan Esso.  "Hey Mami," "Dreamy Bruises," and the train one.

Then we dropped off R and dropped SJ off at home, a long drive.  Then we came home and I made dinner because we'd never had lunch.  I made pasta with sundried tomato pesto.  And some veggie sausage.  We invited King Ron over.  He arrived with bread to share.

Then we talked with King Ron for a couple hours.  It was good to catch up.  We talked about trips, mutual friends, Sacred Peace Walk food.  It was good to have his company but we got tired and went to bed early when he left.

I was social all freakin' day.  Today I need to recuperate.

Earlier I heard what sounded like gunshots.  That always makes me want to turn off all the lights and hide.  I'm afraid the shooter will flee the scene, see our lights on, and demand to be let in to hide from the cops.  Is that something that really happens?  Sounds plausible.


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