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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

a decision maker's angry complaints

My blog is a good place to complain.  Let me begin.

1.  Some people were supposed to be served breakfast.  But the person who was supposed to serve them never showed up, and Ming (the backup) was at a doctor's appointment and bread pick up.  So I felt awkward like I should serve them, but I never agreed to do that.  I was angry and torn.

2.  Ming was running late and told me in a text "will be right back" then showed up an hour later.  In my world, "right back" isn't an hour later.  He needs to become more accurate.  I was angry and hurt.

3.  Some asshat called looking for R.  R is not here.  Then he said, "I've been talking to a woman in the San Francisco area--I'll call her," and hung up on me.  He didn't like the sound of me.  Then he called back, and I realized the woman in the San Francisco area was Ming!  Not a woman, not in the San Francisco area, jackass.  Like people can't move with a phone number.  He was rude, condescending, and treated me like I was worthless.  I wanted to hang up on him, but it was a NDE thing so I didn't.  I let him blather for a while.  He wants to talk to decision makers.  I guess I sound too young to be a decision maker?  I'm 40 years old.  He can go fly a kite.


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