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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

my plan

At the panera halfway? between home and our undisclosed location.  I got some hot tea but the water was just warm so the tea didn't readily brew, so Ming got me new hot water.  And a new tea bag.  It's green but has honey in it already like in the bag.  Honey granules?  It was the only green they had.

We happen to be here at lunchtime, and the place is pretty full.  We're usually here at awkward times.

I long for beauty in my life, more art.  More color.

My right ear started hurting yesterday in the stormy weather.  I'm afraid I should go to the doctor, but maybe the dryness of desert will cure me?

Yesterday we went to a botanic garden at a San Luis park.  We stopped in, looking for a bathroom.  Near the dog park we heard goats mewing--baa-ing?  Meh-ing.  Neighing?  But we never investigated.  We left.

In the summer we can explore better.  In the summer we can do lots.  I look forward to it and am coming to understand living in two places.

Worker in a reflective vest sat near us and paid attention when Ming asked me about Friday plans.  The reporter wants to speak with Ming on Friday morning so I better figure out my plan.


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