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Monday, April 10, 2017


It's very busy and a bit cold.  Last night some people slept over and this morning they left early for the desert.

I didn't have a complete list for the breakfast deliverers and they had to turn around and return for a few things.  Hardboiled eggs, raisins for the oatmeal.  I felt bad.

Now for some reason Ming doesn't like drying sheets on the line, so he's gone to the Worker to use the drier.

I feel anxious about trying to find vegan pupusas to order for Wednesday dinner.  I think last year people just assumed the bean ones were vegan, bad assumption.

It's no longer the beginning of the Sacred Peace Walk.  We're moving through it.  Last night we picked someone up at the airport just after midnight.

I have to think about the blueberry muffins, the potato burritos.  What's coming up next.


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