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Sunday, May 07, 2017

Ethiopian food and radical mental health

I ended up taking a ridiculously long nap and it felt good after all that cooking and socializing.  Then at night we went to pupusas.

I am making Ethiopian food, rice, and salad.  There are two Ethiopian foods: mesir wot and kik alicha.  The mesir wot I made not that hot.  Also I think I put in way less oil than I'm supposed to?  The online recipes are so so.

The kik alicha is mild but has a lot of ginger in it.  I haven't tried it yet.  The yellow split peas take longer to cook than the red lentils.

The rice is basmati rice.  I need to make sure it turned out.  If not, I have time to start over.

The salad is banal but has carrots.

I am giving a speech about radical mental health after lunch, I think, for the street medic training.  I feel ill-prepared, which is just a feeling.


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