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Saturday, May 06, 2017

street medic training weekend

I'm doing a big cook.  Unfortunately there are tons of flies outside our front door so I can't have the door open.  The security door has gaps on the top and bottom and flies fly right in.

I am cooking for about 30 people but I'm afraid I'm making too much beans.  Rice might be ok.  I'm making flavored brown rice and plain basmati.

It's for the Street Medic training.  They're holding it at Transcending the Gender Box.  Ming will be there all day.

I have toppings: canned jalapenos, fresh cilantro, fresh tomatoes diced, and vegan sour cream.  Too bad I don't have any hot sauce.  The hot sauce in the fridge expired years ago and I don't want to serve it.  Too bad no salsa either.  We're doing this on a shoestring budget.  I didn't buy much.

Tomorrow I'm making Ethiopian food, which I've done before, for a crowd...  But I've forgotten the recipes.  I'll make that vegan too.

I write out a schedule like Thanksgiving.  What time to turn on the beans, when to add the salt, when to start the rices...  What time to be done.  King Ron is supposed to be here 11:45 to pick everything up.

So wish me luck in your hearts, kind readers, but I've done this before.  I'll be ok.


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