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Friday, June 16, 2017

dog sad

There's a cloud of things I can choose from to decide what to tell you this morning, reader.

The NDE newsletter has been mailed.  I'm eating a breakfast burrito and my tortilla overfloweth.  Ming's out serving the hungry and will come home to pick me up and take me to the Worker for some cleaning.  I'm just about done with the text for the Catholic Worker job zine.

We're making friends with this young anarchist and having his birthday party at our house on Sunday.  BYOB.  I will buy hummus and carrots and stuff--I'll even buy celery--but not alcohol.  He's turning 32, I learned this morning from facebook.

So, I met five dogs yesterday.  Cora, Button, and Wolf-Mother.  Then I met Picasso and Jamal.  Pica and Jamal are the more pertinent dogs because they will be living in Freedom House.  I feel sad.  At least the dogs are pretty.


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