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Thursday, July 20, 2017

chair yoga, mythological figure, turtle bracelets

So we have done chair yoga twice at Yoga Shine in Nipomo.  You may think chair yoga is easy, or chair yoga is not real yoga.  You would be wrong.  We have a great teacher.  She goes fast, but the class is only an hour.  She's trying to cram a lot of yoga into a small amount of time.

My favorite part of class is the teacher hugging me at the end.  You know me.  I'm crazy for hugs.  Also today during Shivasana she pushed on my shoulders and touched my forehead for a while.  Love it.

I got an email this morning from someone very important to my past.  He is like a mythological figure at this point.  Someone who changed my life in a big way.  I have known him since I was 13.  He lives in Scotland now.  He was my philosophy professor.  I think he wants me to worship him more.

Will I participate, collaborate, play along?  I talked to Ming about it.  I want it to be a happy thing.

After yoga I told Ming I was loose as a baby.  My body feels good, and I feel healthy.  I hope I really am.  I'm afraid diabetes is inevitable.

Now we're at our favorite cafe, and I have jasmine bliss kombucha.  Ming has new shoes.  We're wearing our turtle bracelets and all is well.


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