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Sunday, July 30, 2017

dinner ideas

Yesterday I survived the party--without throwing sand at anyone, as Ming says.  We were the first to leave, but we stayed an hour and forty-five minutes.  We ate veggie burgers, potato salad, olives, crackers.  We talked to a few relatives.  We hugged some hugs.

What was my reward?  I kind of had a reward beforehand--a few bites of Ming's chocolate gelato.  Wow, it was good.  I want to go back for lavender.  But I wish they had a smaller size.  Microsize.

I need more ideas of foods to make Mom.  She eats meat, but she is flexible, willing to eat what Ming and I eat but with a sausage on the side.  We went through a gandules craze for a while.  I made some veg in a peanut sauce over rice, but now I can't think of the recipe.  It was delicious.

I made a sweet potato soup with coconut milk.  We would need sweet potatoes and spinach for that.  I made curried greens with beans.  Would need creamer for that.

What do people eat, anyway?  Ming and I have a lot of sandwiches, normally.  Ming eats a lot of simple salads.  He's obsessed with romaine.  I bought some lentils.  I can make lentil soup.

Roasted root veg is good.  We have beets.  Well, let me know if you have any good ideas.


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