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Friday, December 21, 2012

my life

This morning there was biscuits and gravy as well as quiche with some kind of meat in it, which was disappointing because the gravy had meat in it too.  I had a biscuit which left a waxy feel in my mouth as well as half a banana and some strawberry yogurt.  I also had something I thought was going to be chocolate milk but it had coffee in it, which was confusing. 

I got my foods--no toast station today--and an old Hmong woman gestured me to a seat.  I didn't know why she was telling me where to sit, but I acquiesced.  It was a mostly-Mexican table.  I listened to women speaking Spanish as I ate.  Next to me was a more white woman looking at newspaper sale ads. 

Some chocolate cake arrived, and someone at my table got up to get a piece, and then someone else at my table got up to get a piece, and I wanted some but figured I'd had enough sugar for one morning.  So I put my dishes away and left.

Then Ming and I went to Chase to close my old checking account that I shared with E.  The worker was nice and tried to get me to keep my account, as expected, but I was strong.  She also tried to get me to apply for two credit cards. 

Then we did other stuff that may or may not interest you.  For example, we went to Wells Fargo so I could deposit two checks.  I need to figure out what to buy myself for Christmas from Nana, which is happy.

I worked on an ATC for my bestie's birthday.  I had therapy.  We went to the laundromat.  Our apartment complex's washing machine has been broken off and on for a long time. 

And that's my life.


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