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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

affirmations zine

I made a small zine of affirmations.  It's all addressing the self.  I'm on my third draft.  I need a pen that makes a finer line.  I need to stay away from the edges so it will photocopy right.  I think I'm going to call it words from the self to the self.

This morning I went to free breakfast then came home and wrote a poem about the morning's breakfast.  I like it though it's weird / because it's weird.

The fishtank is gone from the porch.  It was a mystery where it went.  Ming asked our main neighbor, and he didn't know.  Finally Ming asked the next door neighbor, and he's taken it inside.  Some of the fish died, and he had been attached to the fish.  So it was sad.

Yesterday we went to see our friend P.  She taught us how to sing the harmony for "Fairest Lord Jesus."  It was fun.  Then we talked and she showed us the puzzle she'd been working on.  It's 2000 pieces.  She's done the mountains and sky.  All that's left, basically, is a huge forest.  Seems impossible!


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