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Thursday, February 21, 2013

turquoise bracelet

This morning we got some good foods at the church.  We listened to lively conversation as we stood in line for an hour.  People behind us were talking about landlord / slumlord problems.  One who won't fix the leaking roof, for example.  Then four people cut in line right in front of us.

This afternoon I went to a bracelet making workshop at the women's center I visit almost every day.  We all chose a kit.  Then we assembled them.  With the leftover beads, we made earrings.  I had to string my bracelet three times.  First time the wire was too short.  Second time the guru made a mistake while showing me how to crimp my bead and broke it.  Third time worked.  It's not a type of clasp I would ever choose--it's the toggle kind.  Well, I'll take a picture.


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