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Sunday, March 24, 2013

peace walk

Today we peace walked.  We walked all morning.  That was about ten miles.  Yep, I walked ten miles today.  We stopped for lunch sometime around 2.  "I don't now if I have any more walk within me today," I told my friend J.  He offered to give me a ride back to the Nevada Desert Experience office.  So I didn't do any walking post-lunch.

This year I didn't cry on the Strip.  Ming held my hand.  And I knew what it would be like.  And I wasn't in terrible pain.  (Last year my calves were cramping up.)

I got overstimulated.  My brain got too full.  I needed quiet.  My needs don't match what the world has to give.  My needs don't match everyone else's need to talk talk talk.  I really like talking and listening sometimes.  But not too much.

Tomorrow we go to Highway 95 to walk through the vast gorgeous desert.

I hope my body recovers overnight from today's ten miles.


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