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Monday, July 29, 2013


This morning we demonstrated at Nellis Air Force Base. 

There's me, scared out of my wits.

And there's Ming, cute as can be, the peace faster.  He's fasting one day for peace. 

So we sang some songs, held hands, and stood around for peace for 15 minutes.  Then three guards and a cop approached us and told us to leave.  But they took down some info from us.  They said we were on the base, which was confusing because we were outside the gate.  They said we had to be up at the stoplight. 

Lots of cars went by.  We tried to find somewhere else to park, but the 7-11 had a customers only sign.  I am weirdly afraid of BOB getting towed since it's happened before.

The sign I chose this morning was smaller than the sign I would usually wear.  I asked Ming, "Does this sign make my ass look big?"  We had a laugh.


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