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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Canada welcomes us into its loving arms

Today's big thing was going to Canada.  The biggest thing was being stopped at the border.  They searched BOB and interrogated us.  It was tense and intense.  It took a long time.  It could have been way worse, though.  But I was frazzled by it.

The tensest time was when they took Ming away to interrogate him.  Sad face!  I didn't like them taking him away.  I didn't like not knowing what they were doing to him.  Or how long he'd be gone.  I sat there without him, trying not to freak out.  Then they interrogated me, but they were nice to me.  It was not so bad at all.  There were two guys, and one was good cop, and then I was worried when the other one started talking to me like he was going to be all bad cop, but it was really fine.

Then we got kind of lost and had to find a bank to pull Canadian cash, and I found a payphone too to call our host, and he was very nice.

Then we finally got here, three and a half hours late, and our host had soup and savory rye muffins for us.  We talked over dinner about all kinds of things, and we gave him zines, and we gave him Nacheez.  It's nice it was just him.  Tomorrow his kids will be here, and I'm sure they're great, but I liked it being quiet tonight.


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