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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

failed candybar, hemp cereal laughter, anarchist bookstore, hemp hat

Hello, world.  I am at an anarchist bookstore in Vancouver called Spartacus.  They have computers to use for free.  So I thought I'd say hi.  We went to this place called Deserts for vegetarian food for lunch with a new Icarus friend.  It was good.  Then we took the bus here.  We took the Skytrain too and it was easy to use. 

Some things I wanted to mention, in no particular order...

In Bellingham, Washington I tried a kind of candybar I had never seen before called Idaho Spud.  We stopped at this drugstore for postcards and I looked at all the candybars.  I noticed it had agar agar in it.  So I ate it, and I didn't like it.  I should have thrown it away, but I did finish it.  But I would not eat that candy bar again.  I don't get its project.  Yeah, it looks kind of like a half potato, but I don't know what they're trying for otherwise.

In Seattle, we went to this large Asian market Uwajimaya where we had inari and thin soba noodles with tofu in blackbean sauce.  Ming bought me a little stationery and almost bought me a tiny panda stamp.

Also in Seattle, we went to Pike's Market, and I got a brownie at Three Girls Bakery.  Ming got earl grey shortbread. We looked around.

We gave our hemp granola to M and T in Seattle before we left.  I was worried about the border crossing, like what if they thought it was drugs?  So we laughed, thinking I was being paranoid, not knowing what would actually happen at the border!

So last night we had a good sleep on some couch cushions on the floor.  The cushions slipped apart so that my hips were on the floor, but it was not too bad because the rest of my body was supported by the cushions.

We were going to go to the VanDusen Gardens today, but we decided to go to Stanley park instead because of where we are.  And we can go to VanDusen tomorrow.  I want to get high tea there.  

Today Ming bought me a hat.  It's cute and effective.  It's sort of yellow and black, but not really.  It's made of hemp and has a wire rim that's bendy.  It smells like incense, and I like it.


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