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Sunday, August 11, 2013

imaginary glowing starry easy chair --> frogish space alien --> dress

Today we went to the Portland Zine Symposium day two.  It was fun.  We visited all the tables and ate some delicious carby foods from the snack room.  I had an oat bar, a tiny lemon bar, and half a scone.  I had some delicious jasmine green tea too.  I wanted more and more of it.

We talked to some very nice people.  We did a lot of trades.  I bought a burrito zine for a burrito-obsessed friend who I barely know.

We went to a comix making workshop.  I want to become a comix maker!  We did this drawing exercise.  I drew the same glowing starry easy chair from my imagination eight times.  It started out looking like a frogish space alien and at the end looked like a dress.

I bought the new book by comix maker Jason Martin--looks fantastic--though I said I would not do that.

Then we stopped by this Burgerville for blackberry milkshakes and shared a yukon and white bean burger which did not delight me, though I like the idea of bean burgers a lot.

We rode the train.  We laughed about the huge silo-like things on the river.  Ming said he thought they were grain silos.  I said I thought they were for storing fish.

Tomorrow: Seattle and one of my very favorite penpals I will be meeting in person for the first time!


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