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Thursday, August 08, 2013

news from the road

Dear world,

Hello there!  Guess where I am?  Fred Meyer in Salem, Oregon!  We were looking for the historic district and couldn't find it.  But here I am blogging to you.  Last night we slept near Mt Shasta the mountain.  It was so cold!  It was like, "I can breathe, or I can freeze.  Which do I choose?"  Mostly I put the sleeping bag over my face.

Today we stopped by Heaven on Earth for a late breakfast.  I like that place, but my food was not good.  But Ming liked his veggie omelette and the watermelon and the totally bland potatoes and the dry, brittle toast.  Well, the apple butter and marionberry jam were awesome, I'll agree to that.

I've been needing brainwash to wash some unwanted thoughts from my mind that have been attacking me on the drive--sometimes long stretches of road are bad for my head.  But I am feeling better now.  Almost to Portland!

well wishes and good vibes,
Trixie Human


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