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Sunday, September 15, 2013

ballots, singalong, fruit run, bread run, game plans

Good morning.  Yesterday we counted ballots.  Ming was chair, so we had to go early and set up.  I worked on a letter.  The whole experience wasn't quite as stressful as I expected.  It went smoothly, and we did a great job.

Then we went to open mic night at my mental health place.  We went mostly for the free pizza.  But it was great.  The singalong made me teary, for some reason.  A room full of crazy people singing together about hard times--it was moving and poignant. We had song books, and the band playing with us was good.

The third performer's music was too loud.  We were sitting right by the amp.  I felt rattled by it for hours afterward.  I needed to go.

So we went to Safeway and bought a bunch of fruit.  Then we did bread pickup and delivered it where it goes.  Then we came home and thought about playing cards but didn't. 

Today we go to breakfast with friends and play a zine-based post-apocalyptic storytelling game with them, our gamer friends. 


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