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Tuesday, May 05, 2015

food at the mela

At the mela we had delicious foods.  My favorite was something I'd never had before called rabri mal poora.  In the picture on the event menu, it looks like pancakes.  But they were not flat--they were more three dimensional.  More like dumplings.  And they were in an amazing sweet sauce.

Ming and I shared an order then he went back for more.

Also we liked the aloo tikki with chana.  We had never had that before either.  The aloo tikki is potato cutlets.  And the chana's just garbanzo beans.

Ming liked this thing I found strange: khaman dhokla.  It's cake-like yellow cubes made of fermented batter.  I didn't really like it.

Besides that we got some palak paneer that had a tomato-ness to it, unlike any palak paneer I'd had before.  It was delicious.  It came from India Palace, a restaurant we haven't been to yet.

The rabri mal poora came from Origin India, as did the aloo tikki.  I want to go to Origin India soon.


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