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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

happy solstice

Yesterday I got a really long letter from my penpal T who's from Germany but lives in England.  It's about 25 pages long, which is her norm.  She also sent a receipt--for a movie she went to, I think.  I'm not done reading the letter.

Yesterday our friend P came over to help Ming with photos.  It was good to see her--I don't know her very well.  We sat talking for a little while as she drank coffee.  I get the feeling she's shy.  We see her weekly at the soup line, and she came out to vigil with us at Creech once so far, the new monthly vigils.

My penpal A who lives in Wolverhampton send me an email this morning, and she sent a link to something she recorded for the blind, so I got to hear her voice.  It was fun.  Her voice is lower than I expected.

I ordered two books from PM Press.  They have half off everything sales at the end of the year, which is nice, but I wish they just sold books cheaper all year.  Anyway, I got a book about anarchist pedagogy and a book of poems for a friend. 

They look great, but I'm swamped with books.  I should take some days off and just read all day.  I have a goal to read an hour a day, which is nice because sometimes I feel guilty for reading when I have a lot of other things to do.  But giving myself this goal, it's like an excuse to read.

I never bought the orange meditation cushions, as I couldn't justify bringing two more largish objects into my life.  But I'm still thinking about how to do it.


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