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Sunday, April 10, 2016

kombucha news

This morning we're cooking rice and beans for Food Not Bombs.  Also we tried our kombucha for the first time.  It's weird.

"Is it normal to fear one's scoby?" I asked Ming.  He said yes.

It tastes kind of vinegary.  The scoby is getting big already.  Ming said the first tap wouldn't be good.

"Will our scoby have a baby? I asked Ming.  He said no, you have to divide it.  "Should we divide it and feed half to our dog?" I asked.  Ming said no.  We don't have a dog, of course.  "Should we feed it to someone else's dog?" I asked.  He thought that was funny.

I just tried the beans and they're great.  They have a delicious flavor, but we only made three pounds.  We usually make five pounds.  But it's rainy.


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