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Friday, April 08, 2016


Today our friend KR has a court date, so Ming is going with him.  I hope the judge dismisses it.

Today it's supposed to rain.  It's stormy looking out.  I love it.

Ming and I went for a walk in the storminess.  Then we made a vegan donut run.

Today I have some time to myself.  What should I do?  Take good care of myself.

Yesterday at my mental health place they had a guardian angel tarot deck, and I was encouraged to take a card.  Mine was Four of Thought.  It told me to go to nature and meditate and that my problems would not be solved by overthinking things.  It also told me to go on a vacation and that if I had been sick, I shouldn't rush to return to normal life but that I should take it easy.  The card seemed very appropriate.


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