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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

food for the body and soul

This morning we danced a little.  We cleaned out some food we got for the Sacred Peace Walk and can't eat, so it's going to the Worker.

I like pancakes but almost never make them--it was sad to see the pancake mix go, but I know I couldn't use it up.  They were mega packages.

Last night for community dinner I made beans and rice and greens.  They went over well.  It's the same stuff I make for Food Not Bombs, so I got it down by now.  The beans are time consuming but easy.  The rice--I burn it sometimes.  Oh well.  We put it into another vessel so nobody would scrape the bottom and get the burnt stuff.

Last night we were feeling good and got along well at the table.  R read a poem I wrote about the community called "love poem."  It's about how all of us express love, our special ways.  It went over as well as the food.


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