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Monday, June 20, 2016

dispatch from a lady in a nightgown

Ming's out having his procedure done.  Our community member G gave him a ride.  I am in my pjs still (I have nightgowns now) listening to music and enjoying life.

This morning when I meditated for 20 minutes, I spent some time balanced at the edge of sleep.  I would get this good feeling and feel enlightened for a sec then realize, oh, I'm about to fall asleep.  And I would pull myself back from sleep and re-relax and return to my word.

Yesterday I bought some black flip flops for nine dollars to wear with my black skort.

One of my oldest friends messaged me today to thank me for the mix cd I sent.  I am so happy for his happiness.  He hasn't listened to it yet.  I think I might have succeeded in putting all new-to-him songs on it, a feat!  I love when that happens.  Here's the tracklist minus musicians.

it's never too late
show up and be heard
white owl
the resistance
flames and the flood
austin to el paso
citizens of the world
zine song
joyful girl
fuck treasure island
justice delivers its death
star of wonder
calm it down
that time
the land of do what you're told
you are not alone
joy will dance
bomb the world


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