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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

the news as of 7:21 on Tuesday morning

This morning I ordered some photo prints from Costco.  It was inexpensive.  I want to redo my photo albums, but I feel weird about my past.  But my current photo albums are the sticky pages kind, and I want pocket kind.

Do I have the energy to undertake a new project?  That's unknown.  Some days I have energy.  Yesterday after his procedure, they told Ming he couldn't drive for 24 hours.  I had been cooped up all day and was going nuts.

This morning I got up around 5 am.  Then I meditated and was half-falling asleep over and over again.  I need to meditate at a less-sleepy time.

Today it's supposed to be 115 degrees.  And that's the news.


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