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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Beans, Letters, Stories, Thermometers, Standing Rock, and DuoLingo

Guest blogger here again. It is 10:55pm. I just finished sorting and soaking the beans for tomorrow's Food Not Bombs Las Vegas food scooping. I have to wake at 4:15am tomorrow to begin cooking the beans for the serving beginning at 10:30am.

Earlier tonight the Las Vegas Political Prisoner Letter Writing night went well. This time, we got the names of prisoners from prisonbooks.info and from the Nuclear Resister. We had five cards and six participants at the gathering so the numbers worked out great. Each of the cards were filled, inside and out, with wellwishes and greetings.

I listened to some stories being told at a Tellabration event at the local library. That was fun.

It was cold today here in the Las Vegas Valley. Earlier today we got a thermometer to see what our temperatures are year round.

This morning the Las Vegas Catholic Worker did the regular food serving. Last night we were hosts to three Catholic Workers from Guadalupe, California, who were passing through to Standing Rock. They left this morning before the serving of food began. I hope their journey is swift and safe.

Today was a big duoLingo day for me. Spanish is progressing well. I apparently am now 13% fluent.

It is now 11:15pm and I got to go to bed. Good night.


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