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Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Today we went to the #NODAPL protest at Wells Fargo bank.  I was scared to go but am really glad I went because it was meaningful and beautiful.  So many people took so many pictures but they didn't post them on the facebook event page, which is a little sad (because I can't show any pictures to you).

I held my THE ONLY SOLUTION IS LOVE sign, which is my usual sign.  Ming held my PROTECT the SACRED sign that I made for the drum circle.

Then we went to dinner at our friend's place.  It was a community dinner.  He got pupusas.  J brought donated salads.

My spoons are vanished.  Oh, but I got a new tiedyed teeshirt.  I was looking online for a Black lives matter teeshirt and found one--it hasn't arrived yet.  Somehow tiedye seemed important too.


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