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Friday, November 18, 2016

two good deeds and fixing our own computer

Today my computer stopped working very suddenly.  I was using it and it blinked off.  When I tried to turn it back on, it wouldn't turn on.  I was concerned.  We were going to take it to Fry's but were too busy.

King Ron came over to chop onions.  He brought two friends.  Then two other friends showed up to pick up two bags of food for an impoverished person (good deed #1).  We all talked for a while.  Hugs occurred.  Good feelings.  I gave A some zines.

"I have a chromebook that stopped working," I explained on the phone to the geek I was referred to.  "Does that sound like something you could work on?" I asked.

The geek explained that he had never fixed a chromebook!  I was shocked!

Then he told me I should pop out the battery and put it back in and see if that worked.  He said that's what they do with laptops.

We were hungry so we went to Veggie House in Chinatown, which Ming had been wanting to go to.  We had delicious fake seafood.

As we were leaving the parking lot, we saw a man drop something.  It was a card.  I saw it looked like a Nevada driver's licence.

"Stop!" I told Ming.  I jumped out of the car, picked up the license, and went over to the red truck that the man was sitting in.  I tapped the license on his window, and he looked up from his phone, startled.  He opened the door and took the license from me.

"Thank you so much!" he said.  I said nothing and ran back to the Echo (good deed #2).  Ming was blocking the way for another car, and I felt bad.

Then at home I unscrewed the computer.  We opened it up.  It was a bit dusty, so I asked Ming to blow canned air on it.  He blew canned air on the green circuit board and I noticed liquid was coming out of the can.

"What the fuck?" I asked.  "Why is water coming out?"  It seemed wrong to get liquid on my computer's insides.  I said we should let it dry for a while.  We unplugged the battery and plugged it back in.

Long story short, my computer works again.  The geek was nice to tell me how to fix it myself.  He could have made a hundred bucks off us but chose to help us DIY.

The end!


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