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Monday, March 13, 2017


Gmorning and welcome to Monday.  Ming reset the clock yesterday and didn't get it on the wall well and it fell off and broke.  It was a big round clock and I looked at it a lot.  I still look over there and see a blank space where the clock was.

We went to the store today for a zippered binder pouch and a seam ripper.  It was a cheap trip.  Then we went to Trader Joe's for flowers and picked up pasta, fake sausages, and sandwich stuff in addition to flowers.  The flowers were ten bucks.  There are gerber daisies, lilies, other unidentified flying flowers.  It's a colorful bouquet.

My experiments with matcha continue.  It gives me energy and a sense of wellbeing, temporarily.

I have taken care of so much work.  Yesterday I got amazed at myself for my productivity.  I've also been cleaning my desk, which is important but feels so impossible it's pointless.  But I find things that need attention, so it's fruitful.


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