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Saturday, June 24, 2017

don't go to swap meet on a Saturday

This morning we went to breakfast at Plenty on Bell in Los Alamos.  I love that place so much I want to write them a love letter.  My food was the best!

Then we picked up my nephew and went to the swap meet in Nipomo.  It was really weird.  Very few stalls were open.  It felt dystopian, and when we escaped with our lives, we cheered.

Then we went to the farmers market.  It was pretty fun.  But kind of rushed.  There was no guy singing music.

Then we went to the outlet mall for the chocolate factory.

Then we went to the strawberry stand where I bought a three-pack for $7.

Then we dropped me off and they went to the movies to see Boss Baby.  I napped.  Soon they will be home with Taco Bell.

And that's life as of this moment.


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